Helping Children and their Families as they navigate the education and healthcare systems.
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Who are we?

Patty Weiner Consults is a comprehensive consulting and advocacy service for children with health issues and academic challenges who reside in Manhattan.

We also provide home based and group child life services to parents of newborns and infants who may need assistance in learning to swaddle or baby basics. 

Patty Weiner, along with a team of qualified, dedicated and experienced consultants, will help provide:

  • • school consultations and educational advocacy
    1. • assisting locating financial entitlements
    2. • parent and caregiver support groups
    3. • supportive programming for children and family members
    4. • home visits for infants and teaching swaddling
    5. • health workshops

Patty will provide an initial consultation and needs assessment by phone or in person and provide you with an Individual Plan of Action for your child and family.

Please contact Patty Weiner at 212-828-3927 or fill out the intake form on the Contact Page. I will be in touch with you within 48 hours.


*The idea of this site is to give parents ways of helping to find the right services for their children with health issues and academic challenges. It is not intended to replace speaking to your child's doctor about your child's illness. 

What are our strengths?

Patty Weiner will help you navigate complex educational and healthcare systems to help your child get the services he or she needs. Patty is a leader in the field and is able to steer families in the right direction assisting them in the areas of:

  • • school entitlements and advocacy

  • • assistance locating financial entitlements

  • • social, emotional and developmental issues

  • • teaching child life techniques for comforting new born babies and infants

Through her extensive professional network of contacts and her strong ongoing relationships within various school and hospital systems, Patty works efficiently and effectively to help children in need. Patty is well known within New York City's the Department of Education, to the faculty of private special education schools, to the faculty of private schools in New York City and to her many colleagues in New York City hospitals.

Patty works with experienced, dedicated and expert consultants who are available to help you navigate both the complex educational and healthcare systems. Our team consists of well-qualified school advocates, health advocates, child life specialists, special educators, psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, art and music therapists, and expert consultants from all areas as needed.

What do we offer?

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  • Patty Weiner Consults offers parents the tools they need to advocate for their child. Patty can help you through on-going telephone sessions, by connecting with hard to get related service providers, by interpreting reports, by making referrals and by consulting with your child's school. Patty Weiner Consults will work collaboratively with others on your child's team.

    Patty also presents on a variety of topics to public and private school staff, organizations and colleges. Some topics are the following:

    • Educational Advocacy

    • Change and Transitions

    • High-Touch, Low-Tech Educational Strategies

    • Taking your child to the doctor: Questions to ask ahead of time, preparing your child, calming techniques, and easy ways to make your child more comfortable.

    • The impact of chronic illness on school related tasks.

    • Baby basics including swaddling, calming a newborn, and tips for happy babies.

  • Patty Weiner Consults also offers health workshops for children through their schools, community organizations, and Y's. We will come to schools and other community groups in Manhattan to provide these services.
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