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Blog 2

I was so happy to hear from parents and others who responded to my first blog posting. Thank you! I hope my blog can be a forum for us to share ideas and communicate about important issues related to the wonderful children we care for. Please know that I welcome your comments and feedback by email or phone, too. I asked for suggestions about how we should refer to the children we care for who have health issues. The most popular response was "Children with Special Healthcare Needs" (CSHN), so going forward I'll use that description. It was great to hear from parents directly about their concerns and questions. No matter what their child's health issue is, the questions are similar. These are the questions parents are asking:
Where can I find parent groups that address complicated health issues about children? Who offers them? Are they illness specific?
Where can I find experts who can help my child understand their illness or who can provide help with siblings? Or the family?
How does the school process begin for children with special needs? Who do I call and what steps are involved?
What is a health care plan?
When is a health care plan needed in school?
Whom do I call to access home or school services? Who can help school staff and others understand my child's medical issues and their health care plan?
How can I learn more about Early Intervention Services for my child who is under 3?
What is the difference between a 504 plan and an IEP (Individual Education Plan)?
How will I recognize academic challenges or learning disabilities that are directly related to my child's health issues? Who should I call?
Who can help explain my child's illness to school staff and how do I make my child comfortable in the school setting?
How do I remain in contact with the school over time?
What do I if my child misses school for medical reasons?
How do I get my child hospital or home instruction, for a brief or extended time?
What are health entitlements and who do I call about this for my child?
How do I find specialty programs or summer camps that are best for my child?

As we start a new year and we think about getting our children off to a new start, please call me to see how I can help your child and your family. Call and introduce yourself and I will be happy to address these questions and any others you may have. I would like for parents only to have one call to make.

Call me and we can complete a needs assessment and develop a customized action plan for your child and your family. Together we can make a difference.

Warm wishes for the New Year,

Patty, or (212) 828-3927