Helping Children and their Families as they navigate the education and healthcare systems.
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Professional Testimonials

"I have known and worked with Patty Weiner for over a decade. Her knowledge, caring and ability to access services for children with health issues and academic difficulties is extraordinary." read more of what Dr. Allen has to say about Patty>>

Dr. Jeffrey C. Allen, MD
NYU Langone Medical Center

"I have had the privilege of working with Patty Weiner for nearly two decades. She is the consummate professional and advocate. Her knowledge, sensitivity and ability to access services and programs particularly for medically fragile children and children with academic needs are remarkable…

Regina Skyer, ESQ.
Law Offices of Regina Skyer and Associates

"I have known Patty Weiner as a professional colleague when she initiated the Child Life Masters Program at Bank Street College and as an advocate for the children and families I have referred to her. I can describe her greatest strength in five words: "She gets the job done." I am not certain how she manages to do this each and every time, but I think it probably has something to do with her intelligence, passion, compassion, discipline, and her unending capacity to "stick with it until it is done." She is also supported by her expertise in navigating the labyrinths of large bureaucracies (such as the New York City Department of Education); her sensitivities in working with families and making sure she is always "there" for them (which includes responding rapidly to their needs as well as her physical presence throughout all steps of the process); and a vast network of colleagues and fellow advocates for children. She is one of a kind."

Jon Snyder
Dean of the College
Bank Street College of Education

"As chief of the division of General Pediatrics at North Shore University Hospital, I had the privilege of working closely with Patty for many years. Patty Weiner is the quintessential advocate for children with special needs. The depth of her knowledge and understanding of child development and education, her compassion, patience, perseverance and unyielding support for families in need are what makes Patty such a vital member of the health care team. Whether it is designing an appropriate educational curriculum for a developmentally impaired child, working with the medical staff to find consultative services or teaching pediatric house staff about the educational priorities of special needs children, Patty has always been a major resource for those of us providing health care to children. She is the "go to" person, whose wise counsel and personal contacts with community organizations are so invaluable. Patty has always given us perspective, keeping the "big picture" in context, while focusing on the myriad of issues that confront families of children with special needs. I had the opportunity to go with Patty to a CSE meeting for one of my patients. Her ability to advocate for this patient was nothing short of masterful. It was certainly no surprise to any of us who have worked with Patty that she was the recipient of the "Joan Wald Baker Advocacy and Exceptional Practice Award" given by The Council for Exceptional Children."

James Fagin, MD
Attending Physician, Division of Allergy/Immunology
Director, Center for Childhood Asthma

"I have known Patty Weiner for over 30 years....She provides excellent, Comprehensive advocacy and fully understands how to navigate the New York City school system for children with special needs. She helps parents find appropriate entitlements as well as services geared to meet the needs of each child. She approaches each case with care and sensitivity."

Jessica G. Davis, MD

"Patty Weiner has more than 30 years experience teaching, caring for and advocating on behalf of children with health issues and their families in hospitals, in schools and in the community. With boundless energy, she continues to help. She is able to connect the dots for parents who have a child with health issues, steering them to expert consultants who will help guide them through the bureaucracies they will encounter. Patty has a wide network of colleagues and is the recipient of several awards for her work as an educational advocate and child life specialist. Recognizing her as a passionate expert in educational advocacy for children with health issues, one who understands the developmental needs of children and the impact the illness of a child has on their parents, I invited her to write a chapter in my text book The Handbook of Child Life: A Guide for Pediatric Psychosocial Care, a chapter entitled "Child Life and Education Issues: The Child with a Chronic Illness or Special Healthcare Needs." Patty Weiner knows that helping a child and his or her family takes more than one person, so she asked me if she could co-author this chapter with some of the colleagues with whom she has worked -- Maggie Hoffman and Cynthia Rosen. Patty Weiner is a team player and her work is invaluable. I say this not only as a child life professional, but also as the parent of a child with special needs."

Richard H. Thompson, PhD
Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences
The College of New Rochelle

"Patty Weiner is a valued and dedicated member of the Making Headway Foundation's On-Going Care Team. Patty helps parents adjust to new circumstances and new responsibilities relating to the post-treatment needs of their children. She teaches those involved with the child's education to understand the impact that a brain or spinal cord tumor has on the child's academic and social functioning in school. Patty Weiner's knowledge of how to identify and implement services based on each child's educational needs, as required by law, interpretation of tests and reviewing Individual Education Plans (IEP) is a tremendous help to the children and the families she works with. Patty works hard to finds alternative school settings if the current placement is unable to meet the educational needs of the child. Patty Weiner has invested considerable time and effort to develop relationships within the New York City Department of Education. As a result, there has been an increase in response to the time sensitive needs of these children. This has facilitated meeting the needs of the children with academic and health accommodations for school re-entry after surgery and treatment, home instruction, nursing care at school and transportation. Patty Weiner's expertise and compassion make her a tremendous asset to our team."

Edward P. Manley
The Making Headway Foundation


Parent Testimonials

  • "Patty Weiner has been an unbelievable resource to our son and us during our ride with the education system following our son's recovery from brain cancer. Her knowledge of this system and accommodations is limitless. Our son has been able to stay mainstreamed in private schools with her assistance and guidance. Patty's experience and knowledge of the needs of children as well as her knowledge of various educational systems is a rare and valuable asset for any parent facing educational hurdles. We are extremely grateful for her expertise."

    Eileen and Mike McCabe

  • Dear Patty,
    Please accept my sincere thanks for all your help navigating the special education process.  Your guidance was instrumental in helping us get help for our son. You not only ensured that he received everything he needed right now, but helped my husband and me really understand the process so that we are able to advocate for him going forward.  You were so patient with both of us, always available, and took the time necessary for us to not only learn the process but also to help us understand our son better.  Your classroom observations were insightful to us and to the educators who work with him at school.  It’s hard for me to find the words to adequately express my thanks for your time and energy.  Your efforts dramatically changed his life (and our life) for the better. 

    Thank you.

    Janice and John McQuaid

  • Dear Patty,
    Thank you so much for all you have done for my family. You have helped us through very difficult times and always made us feel better. My husband and I are so grateful for your guidance and help working our way through the New York City school system. We appreciate you being there for us and your expertise in always finding the right school for our daughter.

    Your ability to help us get the right services for our was amazing. With much appreciation,

    Francesca Pena Wagner, mother

  • "As the mother of two “high needs” children, a 14 year old girl with a serious medical condition and mild learning issues and a six year old boy with mild health issues, but significant developmental delays I can feel pretty overwhelmed on any given day.  The challenge of making sure that both my children’s complex educational needs were being met was daunting.   And, then came Patty Weiner to help sort it all out for us!!  She helped find resources for our children to get neuropsychological testing in a timely manner and covered by our medical insurance.  She met with my daughter, reviewed all her educational and medical records and helped craft an appropriate learning plan.  She spoke with the psychologists and medical personnel and drafted letters that were instrumental in getting the Dept of Education to put needed educational services in to place.  She observed my son at his school and gave us suggestions as to his educational needs.  She assisted us in arranging for his transfer to a more appropriate educational setting and advised us on how to navigate the DOE to get his transfer approved.

    I am so grateful for all the help Patty gave our family.  She was immediately available by phone and always encouraging and supportive.  I could rely on Patty for her professional expertise, guidance, thoughtful observations and patience.  Patty is a pro and a really wonderful person.  Thank you, Patty."

    Chantal, mother of two

  • "Our family is from Greece. When we came here within a year, our son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We were so upset and knew he needed lots of medical attention. The Manleys told us who to call for medical care and then to call Patty Weiner. Patty would help be our guide and support us through all of the places we knew nothing about. Now ten years later, Patty continues to be our educational consultant, advocate and is always helpful in making sure our son gets all the school services he needs. Patty has made many school visits, observed our son since he was in preschool and is there for me whenever I need to talk. She found the right special education private school for him and she comes to our Committee on Special Education meetings to make sure that all goes the right way. I don't know how I would have managed without someone like Patty to be there for us. Patty is so helpful and comforting. She really knows how to get things done. Thank you."

    Marina P., mother