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Workshops for Children

Patty Weiner Consults also offers a variety of workshops for young children between 3-7 years of age that focus on how to help stay healthy, how to build health nutrition habits, how the body works and how to create good dental health habits. These programs are open to schools, community groups, Y's and other organizations in Manhattan. Other workshops that we offer include:

  • Other workshops that we offer are:

  • Teddy Bear Clinics - Bring a stuffed bear or favorite stuffed animal that has broken his or her finger, has a sore throat or needs to get an injection to keep him or her healthy. We will show you by providing toys, medical equipment to play with and finger casting how to make your stuffed friend feel better.

  • Going to the Doctor - Sometimes when young children go to the doctor, they might feel afraid. We will help you feel more comfortable when your mom or dad take you to the doctor. We have many different ways to help you feel better.

  • Going to the Hospital - Children may have to go to the hospital for an overnight stay or a more serious illness. We will help make going to the hospital easier for you and your family. We use storytelling, role-playing, and videos to help you know what to bring to the hospital.

  • Going to the Dentist - We will help you get ready for a visit to the dentist through play and discussion.

Parent Testimonial

  • Dear Patty,
    As a mother of a four year old, my son has participated in many of the workshops that you and your colleagues have offered. My son particularly liked, 'Healthy Habits', 'Going To the Doctor' and learning about 'How your heart works'.

    The 'Teddy Bear Clinic' was a huge success. Your programs are a big hit among the preschoolers. My husband and I felt these were wonderful to have right at his school. Just the way there is art, music, and library ~ this added another area of enrichment. The workshops are very worthwhile and a win-win program for the children and the schools they attend.

    A very grateful mother
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